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Data entry for digital solution providers in agriculture

We are now offering our data entry facility for digital solution and service providers. This facility offers you as a solution provider the opportunity to register your digital solutions for agriculture deployed in low- and middle-income countries or to update existing data in our database. This features your digital solutions in the Digital Agri Hub dashboard with the most up-to-date information, and makes them more visible to investors, donors and other stakeholders in the D4Ag sector.

To avoid spam and misuse, we are asking you to first request a user account. We will need to know a few things from you to create your account and to link your account to the digital solutions we might already have in our database. Please fill in the fields below and then click on the request account button. A preset email message will be created based on your information, which you can then directly send to us (or you can adjust it if needed).  We will use it to create your account and send you the account details by email. Once you have received your account details, you will be able to access the data entry forms and add or update your solutions.

Please note that we will only onboard solutions that support
digital agriculture
Use the action buttons below to request your account and to access the data entry facility. A short manual to guide you through the process is available through this link.
Name (name of the editor, if not yourself):
Email (of the contactperson for your solution):
Note that Digital Agri Hub will only use this information to set up your data entry account and to link your solutions with your account in the case these are already included in our solutions database.

Sharing data with Digital Agri Hub

Digital Agri Hub is committed to becoming a true hub, connecting organisations and promoting matchmaking in the digital agriculture ecosystem. We welcome data partnerships with data providers looking to share their data so as to obtain more exposure, to reuse the data that is provided by the Hub, or to create synergies in other ways. In the near future, Digital Agri Hub foresees developing data sharing interfaces that allow partners to exchange data and link up to a shared data ecosystem.

If you collect data or have collected data in the past, and you want to link and connect your data to the global data ecosystem, let us know by sending a mail through the action button.