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Sharing your data with Digital Agri Hub

Digital Agri Hub is committed to becoming a true hub, connecting organisations and promoting matchmaking. We welcome data partnerships with data providers looking to share their data so as to obtain more exposure, reuse data that is provided by the Hub, or create synergies in other ways. Digital Agri Hub foresees developing data sharing interfaces that allow partners to exchange data and link up to a shared data ecosystem.

As a digital solution provider deploying services in low- and middle-income countries, you can also share data on your services on Digital Agri Hub to be featured in our solutions dashboard and become more visible for donors, investors and solution implementation partners.

To support you in sharing your data, we will shortly start offering a data entry and maintenance facility from this page. If you would already like to include or update your digital solution now, please  send us an e-mail so we can get in touch with you.