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About the data

Digital Agri Hub collects, harmonises and publishes data on digital solutions and services that support small-scale producers in low- and middle-income countries worldwide. Data and derived analytics are published through the Hub’s dashboard. We also use the data as a foundation for a variety of insight products, ranging from blog posts and infographics to sectoral overviews. This provides detailed insight into the evolution of the sector, revealing potential in terms of impact, investment and innovation. Investors, policymakers, and other actors can use this information as a basis for investment or policy decisions, while solution providers may find it a valuable source to identify partners for collaboration and co-development.

Our database builds on existing data sets, newly collected data, and, more and more, on crowdsourced data shared and owned by digital solution providers. In close collaboration with the sector, the Hub keeps extending, curating and maintaining this data as an open and quality checked knowledge and evidence base.

Data Strategy & Governance

The data available on Digital Agri Hub is collected from a wealth of resources on digitalisation in agriculture and complemented and curated to comply with our data standards. The Hub encourages solution providers to take ownership of their data, by offering the opportunity to create a dedicated organisational account to keep their data up to date. 

All data is carefully reviewed before publication. Regular quality checks ensure that data and derived information complies with established quality criteria.

Acting as an interconnected Hub rather than an isolated platform, we aim to set up data sharing partnerships with other global information providers, based on data sharing agreements that include arrangements for data curation and quality assurance. We are therefore also taking a lead in standardizing the data and metrics required to link relevant knowledge sources in the digitalisation for agriculture domain.