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Digital Agri Hub provides insights into digital agriculture for small-scale producers and supports interested parties’ decision making and investments in solutions that have real impact on the ground.

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Offering reliable data, analytics and insights on digital solutions supporting agricultural transformation in low- and middle-income countries

Digital Agri Hub tracks the evolution of the digital agriculture (D4Ag) ecosystem in low- and middle-income countries. In collaboration with sectoral stakeholders, we regularly publish curated information on digital solutions to generate new insights and updates on important developments in the domain of digital agriculture. Acting as a multi-actor data and knowledge broker, the Hub focuses on leveraging inclusive digital solutions for development and provides unique perspectives for adopting or investing in digital agricultural innovations. 

FAO and Digital Agri Hub join forces through MoU between UN FAO and WUR 

An important alliance to accelerate the digital agriculture in Europe and Central Asia

The Digital Agri Hub has established an important alliance with the AgriTech Observatory, led by the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. This collaboration, anchored in a solid partnership agreement through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UN FAO and Wageningen University and Research (WUR), represents a commitment to improve the exchange of information on the digital initiatives in agriculture held by the two organisations, and from there, to develop further initiatives that respond to the common objectives of food and nutrition security and food systems development.

Digital Agri Hub and AGRA Forge Strategic Partnership 

A collaboration to transform Digitalisation for Agriculture across Low-and Middle-Income Countries

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in January 2024 sets the
stage for collaborative efforts to enhance the livelihoods of small-scale producers through digitalization initiatives. Key highlights of the partnership will encompass collaboration on harvesting data and insights across the #D4Ag landscape, along with streamlining and promoting curated and verified digital solutions deployed in LMICs, and co-facilitation of strategic events.

D4AG e-conversation

e-Conversations on D4Ag interest topics, series 2


After the success of the 1st series of e-conversations, Digital Agri Hub conducted a survey to identify priority topics in the community. Among others, the following topics will be part of our second series of e-conversations, starting 26 June 2023:
  • Independent evidence of D4Ag impact is needed. Who would be in the best position to provide it?
  • Agro-ecology and the role of digitalisation
  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in D4Ag
The discussion will be maintained on the DGROUPS platform:

Summaries of all current and past e-conversations are available under our insights section.


Digital Agri Hub - 1200 solutions and growing

Digital Agri Hub reaches 1200+ digital solutions

We are excited to announce that the Hub has recently reached the milestone of 1200 digital solutions published. Our database of evidence has been growing consistently over the past period, thanks to many contributions from the sector. In the last months this was further fortified by our new offering to solution providers to add and maintain their own data. In this way we make more and more solutions visible to the sector, while offering a wealth of information to investors, donors and other stakeholders.

We invite you to visit our solutions dashboard and keep welcoming solution providers that want to add their digital solutions, as well as other contributions from the D4Ag sector. 

D4ag data

Share your digital solutions on Digital Agri Hub 

Introducing the opportunity for providers to register and TAKE OWNERSHIP OF their digital solutions 

Digital Agri Hub has now opened its data entry facility for digital solution providers. This offers the opportunity to register digital solutions for agriculture deployed in low- and middle-income countries or to update existing data in our database. Solutions will be featured in the Digital Agri Hub dashboard with the most up-to-date information, and become more visible for investors, donors and other stakeholders in the D4Ag sector.

Go to our data sharing section to learn how to get an account and start sharing your data.

Digital Agri Hub

We monitor digital developments for innovative agricultural solutions and provide data, insights, and impact metrics to steer towards inclusive agricultural transformation in low- and middle-income countries

Digital Agri-Hub is at the forefront of transforming the existing agri-food system and ensuring an inclusive and sustainable D4Ag landscape by:

  • Providing a reliable source of emerging, innovative D4Ag technologies and solutions across the entire agrifood system
  • Offering evidence- and impact-based information and insights for decision makers and potential investors that support small-scale producers
  • Supporting the existing D4Ag ecosystem through knowledge brokering, stakeholder engagement and advisory.
  • Driving towards an inclusive, climate resilient agri-food system through sustainable D4Ag innovations
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We collect, curate, and publish transparent and reliable data, insights, and impact metrics on innovative digital solutions deployed in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), transforming small-scale producer’s farming and food systems.
Digital Agri Hub is hosted and maintained as an independent entity by Wageningen University and Research (WUR).