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Focus on D4Ag & Gender Equality

Leading women in digitalisation for agriculture

Women continue to play an increasing role in the D4Ag ecosystem, developing and managing businesses and leading core initiatives.

International Women’s Day 2023 was an opportune moment to spotlight and celebrate the milestones achieved by women leading #D4Ag initiatives in low- and middle-income countries. 

Region Profile - IsDB member states

D4Ag Ecosystem in member states of the islamic development bank (IsDB)

In a concerted effort to drive innovation and sustainable development in agriculture, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) supports 56 member states, a substantial 50 of which are low and middle-income countries.

This comprehensive infographic illuminates the dynamic Digital for Agriculture (D4Ag) ecosystem thriving within these member states. A total of 474 digital solutions are deployed across the low- and middle-income member states. Explore the full infographic to gain insights into the digital technologies in use, associated use cases and the types of organisations driving this transformation.

Region Profile - NENA

D4AG solutions deployed in Near East and north africa (NENA) REGION

Digital solutions are at the heart of agriculture transformation towards more inclusive, sustainable, efficient and resilient agrifood systems, amidst rising challenges of climate change in the NENA region.

The Digital Agri Hub participated in the Digital Agriculture Solutions Forum 2023 in the NENA region hosted by FAO and ITU in Amman, Jordan (July 11-13, 2023).  Land and water resources in NENA are limited and facing severe stress. Climate change projections suggest more drought and extreme events. This latest regional focus in NENA features 72 D4Ag solutions deployed in 13 low and medium-income countries (LMICs) that are utilising state-of-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT devices and connectivity promoting climate-resilient agriculture. 

Country Profile - Kenya

D4Ag statistics for one of africa's leading countries in D4Ag

In Kenya, the agriculture sector accounts for around one third of the country's GDP. The country is known as a fertile ground for growth and investments in D4Ag innovations to drive agricultural transformation.

Kenya is well represented in our database with a broad range of digital solutions, and a large deployment outreach to other countries.

More Country Profiles

D4Ag statistics for Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia and Nigeria