DCAS on COP26 - bridging the divide between science, policy and practice

As part of the EU (European Union) side events of COP26, on the 8th of November, Digital Agri Hub, in partnership with World Resources Institute (WRI), World Food Programme (WFP) and Wageningen University and Research (WUR), organized a session to bridge the divide between science, policy and practice with a focus on DCAS. This virtual event had 125 active participants and stimulated conversations centered on DCAS while tabling three cornerstone initiatives: the “Blueprint on Digital Climate-Informed Advisory Services”, a forthcoming “think-and-do tank” by WUR on more effective science-policy interfaces in food and climate, and the recently launched Digital Agri Hub.

Read more about the outcomes in the blog we published on the session.


Upcoming events

January 18th 2022 - (Guatemala and Honduras 09:00, Peru 10:00, Bolivia 11:00, CET 16:00)

January 25th 2022 (CET 14:00, GMT 13:00)